The Boy From Nowhere: Traveling Nicholas The Geezer visits DV8 BODY ART Commerce, MI

13162554_10209013805004075_860187423_nMarch 22, 2016“If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If its marketed right, you’ll buy it. But… If its real… you’ll feel it.” -Kid Rock


I never would have imagined that I would have gone to the Detroit Metro area to relax, but I did. I got to sleep in a guest room, have a nice comfy bed, have privacy and my own bathroom. I didn’t want to do anything but work and sleep. It ruled.

I got off the plane from Seattle and Tiffany ( @dv8piercing ) scooped me up and took me to what she described as, and I’m sure I’m paraphrasing, “Probably the only time you’ll be able to eat Vegan Comfortably while you’re in Michigan.”. It was so tight! I got a macro-biotic plate, since my body definitely needed it, and a Mediterranean Phyllo plate, strictly for the taste! I was so hungry!


We swung by her shop, @dv8bodyart , so I could get acquainted with the setting prior to my first shift. Her space is quaint, well put together, and immaculately clean. Her cases are well stocked with high-end items and I’m in love with her hanging ornamental center display.


Her staff is well above par. So kind and warm to their clients. I feel honored to have gotten to work along side Matt Borsa, a man among men and OG Juggalo. He’s undoubtedly got the best laugh you’ll ever hear, and his clients show such loyalty and trust. Their counter gals, Alex and Emalee, are so on their A-Game. Thanks for letting me pierce you and for putting up with me 🙂 (Daith by Matt Borsa)

Tiffany was an outstanding host, and I will cherish our time, as well as all I was able to take away from her professionally. She definitely made me think of some things in a different light, and the critique was more than welcome.

We spent our time outside of work cooking, playing pinball, and at the gym (thanks again for letting me coat-tail on your membership). We did make it out to The Old Miami, a Detroit VetBar where the original Motor City punk rockers carved out a home filled with cold pints and polish sausage on the cheap.


Tiffany’s brother, Jamie, is an OG Detroit musician, so he and his best friend took us to see The 3-D Invisibles play their first non-Halloween engagement ever, which is a big deal since they’ve been playing since 1981. My mind was blown. It was the cramps and black flag and the dead kennedys but at the same time it wasn’t copy-cat-bull-pucky. I loved it! I got such a “Mad Monster Party” vibe from it, and I was thoroughly impressed with how hard they went given their AARP status.


All and all, Commerce, MI was lots of pinball, lots of dogs, and some spooky rock thrown in.


Now I’m in Kalamazoo, MI (pictured is Zach’s Datsun he picked me up in.). I’m piercing at@kittenflowerboutique in both Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids till April 4th, so If you’re in the area I’d love to work with you!

Nicholas Adams has spent the last 15 years immersed in Body Modification as a Professional Body Piercer and studio Jewelry Curator. The son of Hippy Bikers, he fell in love with the magic of change and has been striving to keep it alive ever since.

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