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Extreme Edgeplay: Mercury Sounding


The full import is finally complete on SUBINCISION FUN, the video originally submitted to the spcOnline site in 1996/7 by my friend JM 1 2, who was one of the most fascinating and genuine modification fans I met through Ken Schein’s UNIQUE mailing list during the tenure of my subscription. He was a renaissance man and a true gentleman, preferring to “not cuss around Ladies” and giving his lecture on ‘Tens Units for Pain Management in Body Modification’ at the 1999 ModCon event using the word doodlehanger in place of penis as not to offend.

When we started corresponding his letter usually derailed quickly from our modification talk and we’d share stories of travel, kinky sex and adventure. J was an edge player who got into modification through sexual exploration; if putting things in your penis felt good, he reasoned, it would make sense to split the underside open to expose even more of the sensitive urethra. He recorded his adventures- photographs, VHS tapes and plaster molds of his cutting progress which he’d share with other modification fans he met along the way.

One of the most hardcore bits of play from his contribution was- and I can’t emphasize do not try this at home enough– urethral sounding with a ballon filled with mercury 3. He claimed to have been turned on by the surging of the mercury inside of his penis. A rubber band was tied to the balloon and secured over his glans to avoid the balloon going further than expected.

This short clip features him inserting the balloon in his urethra. I’ve seen this footage dozens of times and it still makes fills me with a nervous awe.

Sandbox members: the extended edit is up for you folks. Enjoy!

[KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″]https://sacreddebris.com/wp-content/uploads/VIDEO/sacreddebrisjm001.flv[/KGVID]


  1. J: Subincision Interview
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  3. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include: tremors; emotional changes (e.g., mood swings, irritability, nervousness, excessive shyness); insomnia; neuromuscular changes (such as weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching); headaches; disturbances in sensations; changes in nerve responses; performance deficits on tests of cognitive function. At higher exposures there may be kidney effects, respiratory failure and death.