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Uncovered: PFIQ 12

Annie Sprinkle documented her side of Fakir Musafar’s 1982 visit to NYC in Velvet Talks magazine, with Fakir’s story to be published in issue #12 of PFIQ. With a cover provided by illustrator Bud Larsen, Fakir’s article and photographs join the first appearance of The Incredible Til of Cardiff and the Pierce with a Pro: Clitoris tutorial in issue 12.

PFIQ is © Gauntlet Enterprises.
Issue 12 can sometimes be found on eBay.

Til of Cardiff: Tattoo


TILofcardifftannulloTil of Cardiff.
Model: Til.
Artist: Alan “Mr. Sebastian” Oversby.
Procedure: Tattooing.
Year: 1982.
Location: London, England.

Without a doubt, the video of the ‘Incredible Til’ showing off his inversion has been the most viewed video on Sacred Debris since it was added in January of 2014. The master video- complete with sound and a much better picture- has been discovered and will be digitized for archival as part of the 8mm restoration project; I hope it sheds some light on what’s going on with his nipples- it’s hard to tell from the photos but there appears to be behind the areola deep piercings with some level of nipple nullification/modification. The jewelry in the deep piercings looks incredibly DIY with wrapped ends. It’s really difficult to tell what’s what.

The fresh tattooing in this photo is being performed by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.

Signatures of the Past


Jack Yount, Jon Cobb, Sailor Sid Diller & Viking Navaro

It’s always a treat to find a handwritten note on the back of a photograph that I’m scanning for archival; it adds an indescribable personal connection to the journey that it’s taken over the decades. Lately I’ve been obsessed with collating the signed/notated images and making it a priority to get the back scanned along with the front.

The images in today’s update contains a Silver Anchor business card with a note from Jack Yount, a signed photo of Jon Cobb’s transcrotal piercing, and labeled photographs from Sailor Sid Diller, Bud ‘Viking’ Navaro and Til of Cardiff.