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Uncovered: PFIQ 12

Annie Sprinkle documented her side of Fakir Musafar’s 1982 visit to NYC in Velvet Talks magazine, with Fakir’s story to be published in issue #12 of PFIQ. With a cover provided by illustrator Bud Larsen, Fakir’s article and photographs join the first appearance of The Incredible Til of Cardiff and the Pierce with a Pro: Clitoris tutorial in issue 12.

PFIQ is © Gauntlet Enterprises.
Issue 12 can sometimes be found on eBay.

Til there was you

incredibletilsacreddebrisIf I had a dollar donated for every view that the ‘Incredible Til’ video has received since I uploaded it shortly after Sacred Debris launched in 2014, I’d have enough money to buy well over 300,000 dollar items at the local five and dime. That’s not necessarily a reminder that you should throw some love into the tip bucket if you like the content- much of it literally one of a kind- that we post here at SD… but it’s also not NOT one.

With that out of the way….

“The Incredible” Til of Cardiff made his debut in the pages of Piercing Fans International Quarterly thirty-five years ago and has remained one of the most searched-for names in our “how did you find us” queue. While I suspect that most people are searching for pictures of what made him so incredible- an invertible sub and super incised penis that could be turned “inside out”- today’s update is a rare glimpse at the man behind the member.

Interestingly enough every photo of Til in the SD archives finds him with his eyes closed.

This photo dates back to the late 1980s and features tattooing by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.


Til of Cardiff: Tattoo


TILofcardifftannulloTil of Cardiff.
Model: Til.
Artist: Alan “Mr. Sebastian” Oversby.
Procedure: Tattooing.
Year: 1982.
Location: London, England.

Without a doubt, the video of the ‘Incredible Til’ showing off his inversion has been the most viewed video on Sacred Debris since it was added in January of 2014. The master video- complete with sound and a much better picture- has been discovered and will be digitized for archival as part of the 8mm restoration project; I hope it sheds some light on what’s going on with his nipples- it’s hard to tell from the photos but there appears to be behind the areola deep piercings with some level of nipple nullification/modification. The jewelry in the deep piercings looks incredibly DIY with wrapped ends. It’s really difficult to tell what’s what.

The fresh tattooing in this photo is being performed by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.

Til of Cardiff- Genital Inversion

Til Of Cardiff



In 1989, V.Vale and Andrea Juno released Modern Primitives. The world at large was allowed access to a subculture that had been thriving, quietly and discreetly, for over twenty years without so public a lens pointed in it’s direction. Jim Ward had been documenting the scene for the same span with his PFIQ, the seminal rallying point for early devotees of the piercing culture, but RE/Search was able to put a photo of a split penis into the homes of people who would have never had access to it’s original appearance in PFIQ 1 and with that- surgical modification had finally entered mass consciousness.
While that image became somewhat infamous outside of the modification scene, an earlier subject of a PFIQ feature was considerably more interesting to me. Sailor Sid Diller interviewed a piercing fan from Cardiff, Wales 2 to accompany his photos of one of the most unique surgical genital modifications available: Genital Inversion.

In the spectrum of heavy modification it’s difficult to use the word common, but by our measured standards, subincision is one of the most common options for genital surgery. Til completed his subincision while also doing a superincision (splitting the top of the shaft) and leaving a connective piece of tissue on the bottom, effectively making a 2 1/8″ slit in his penis, allowing for the tissue to be turned inside out. In my years in the scene, I’ve only seen this particular modification a few times, making Til part of a very select fraternity. When I published photos of him in 1999 3 I was contacted by a few other men who had been influenced by Til and his modifications,  but only one was able to prove documentation of their own inversion.

This video of Til was shot in Cardiff, Wales, in August of 1990 and features him displaying his inversion, scrotal stretching and piercings. The audio was unusable and removed from the final edit of the footage. It’s my hope that the 8mm master has a cleaner audio track.

Edit: At 100k+ views this video is by far the most watched SD video and it’s taking a considerable amount of bandwidth. It has been permanently moved to our SANDBOX subsite for site supporters For more information on the Sandbox- please get in touch via email: sacreddebris@gmail.com



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