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BSTA: Ken Dean

Ari – Ken, where are you currently located?

Ken – I just moved to Seattle Tattoo Emporium. All these dudes have been there thirty fucking years, like Jimmy the Saint, it’s crazy. It’s also a tattoo museum so they’ve got all this really old shit. Lyle Tuttle will just stop by like, “hey whats up guys?” Old school legendary shit. I don’t really make a lot of money there, but for the experience alone it’s fuckin worth it. I’m not having that bad of a time. I can come and go as I please, I only have a small set schedule. No drama. So many times it’s just stupid shit, but you know how the business is, it’s a constant barrage of bullshit that I would rather not deal with on any level. That’s why I love where I’m working now, because there’s none. These dudes are my fuckin age, they don’t wanna do anything besides go to work, be happy, and come home, and I love this! No drama, no shit, no nothing, I’m good with it. I talk to friends who are really young in the business and it’s all he did this, she did that, blah blah blah, I just don’t fucking care, I couldn’t care less to hear about piercing/tattoo shop drama, it’s just endless. I can’t even go out to a bar without someone coming up and going “Are you a tattoo artist? Let me tell you what I want!” Continue reading

The Dotfather (Xed Le Head)

5274077_1436784904.3671From the fundraising page:

Recently Xed has been forced to retire from tattooing due to a severe medical condition leaving him unable to use his arms and legs. We, the tattoo family are appealing for donations to enable Xed to fund his rehabilitation and procurement of specialist medical equipment and services that exceeds both Xed and the NHS’s budget’s.
This is the official page made with Xed’s blessing.

Xed has given so much to the tattoo world. Let’s give a little back.

Much love and light to you all.

I met Xed for the first time in Holland at the 1995 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention; I had seen him in P.A.U.K.’s PIERCING WORLD magazine and was a little nervous to go up and introduce myself, but I found him to be a very charming gent who didn’t ming jaw-wagging with a (then 20yo) bodymod nerd from across the pond.

It’s sad that his condition has forced him to retire, but very heartwarming to see the tattoo community come together to help take care of one of our own. If you have a little extra cash laying around and can throw into the pot- I’m sure Xed and his family would appreciate it.