Small Town Shaman, Big City Pornstar

The 80’s were an interesting time for piercing. PFIQ was going out to more readers than ever, the Gauntlet was growing busier, and piercing was reaching a larger audience every day. Countercultures in general were coming together, sharing ideas, spaces, and people. Being weird and different was becoming welcomed. In the spring of 1982, two wonderful icons of their respected subcultures were getting ready to meet for the first time. After about a year of communication, letters and chats, the sweet, shamanistic Fakir Musafar and the avid, sexy Annie Sprinkle met. They spent a whirlwind week together in New York, one of Fakir’s first times in Manhattan. The midwest shaman got a warm welcome, with pedestrians and cabbies complimenting his septum jewelry (worn on behest of Annie, who found it handsome as could be). The two were determined to turn the city on its head, and they both found great joy showing off at parties and events as Annie lead Fakir about by hooks in his deep chest piercings, or stuck her entire finger through his nipples. They were the talk of the town, answering everyones questions about “if that hurt”. Even Annie went out and about bottomless, ready to show off the fresh addition to her labia. They hosted piercing parties, Fakir adding golden rings to a myriad of members of New York’s various social scenes. 

“It was a curious collection of people, publishers, photographers, artists, writers, porn stars, prostitutes, the sedate lady from across the hall, tattoo artists and piercing fans.” – PFIQ

Anyone with an interest in the different, the unique, the sexual and the ritual was there to be pierced or watch others get pierced. Nipples, ears, and even a few genitals got some added shine. Even Fakir joined in; he had Annie add another ring to his foreskin before a crowd of twenty onlookers. All and all, it sounds like a magical week. And how fortunate we are that both parties took the time to document this trip! Annie penned an article for the June issue of Velvet Talks, a popular adult magazine, and Fakir’s experience was expertly documented in the pages of PFIQ. Documentation of events during this time is rare, but co-documentation is much rarer. Each article has its own unique pictures, and the author’s unique take on the week. Velvet Talks is your classic 80’s porn mag, complete with warm, soft focus photos of the intimate piercings done that week and an erotic, sensual take on the experience. PFIQ, in stark black and white, shows Fakir against the New York skyline, and presents septum and ear work alongside genital. Both clearly serve a different, but similar audience. The magic of this documentation lies not only in the differences, but the similarities. 

“The forceps were clamped on to my labia and next he approached with the cork and needle. I looked into his eyes and suddenly felt a peculiar closeness, a feeling of love and trust with Fakir. He felt it too. It was a magic moment.” – Velvet Talks 

“A huge, hand-lettered sign hung across the wall – ‘WELCOME FAKIR’. I was impressed, and I think she was impressed, too, as we both unwrapped and explored each other’s body and psyche.” – PFIQ 

Both articles manage to capture the ritual, spiritual magic of piercing in equal amounts to the kink, sex appeal and the functionality of it. Both of these elements of piercing are of equal importance in why we choose to pierce and modify our bodies. Both are also an intrinsic part of the history of body piercing. Piercing for some will always be sensual, sexual, and functional: something to live out a kink or dream. And for others it will always be spiritual, ritual, and healing. If you can look beyond your preconceived ideas about piercing, you can also find the marriage of the two. 

“And now, two months later, we BOTH HAVE SOMETHING to remember a beautiful week in April by – little gold rings we put into each other – golden rings in pleasure centers!” – PFIQ

“The next day Fakir left, but we gave each other something to remember for the rest of our lives. Now whenever I walk the little gold ring rubs against my clit in a really stimulating fashion. I hope many of those reading this will have the good fortune to discover the joys of piercing in a wholesome and loving fashion as I did.” – Velvet Talks

Photo ©Sacred Debris. For more on Annie and Fakir’s meeting, check out Nodal Points Issue 1.

Lynn has been a part of the modification industry since 2009, and piercing professionally since 2012. She has run a blog publishing articles about piercing and modification for the past 5 years. She presently pierces full time at Icon Tattoo and Body Piercing in Nashville, is a cat mom, and annoys Shawn as a part time job.

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  1. Thank you Lynn! Thank you for this glimpse into alternative culture in the 80s. Also what a score – the experience from both perspectives, Annie and the Fakir. Looking forward to more!

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