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10346362_10205313162736072_1248252913514474697_nToday wasn’t quite the horrific Snow Day that local meteorologists called for, but with 1/8″ of snow on the ground I used it as motivation to do a little cleaning around the house, starting with unsorted boxes in my closet. Years of correspondence were lost in one of my moves (from Florida to Philadelphia, I’d bet) but there are still a few boxes of mail that were saved from that fate so after a trip to Target to buy more Rubbermaid bins I took to the task of sorting twenty year old letters and hopefully making headway with the creating of a filing system.

Some of the highlights so far:

A letter from the editor of ‘Epidermal Intrusions’ which was intended to be to Modification what PFIQ was to Body Piercing. My name had been given to the editor (Rhalan) by Steve Haworth, who I wouldn’t meet in person for another year. We exchanged a few letters before the project eventually lost steam and was canceled before ever going to print.

Keith Alexander’s followup letter to the APP after sending in his membership application (circa 1995/6) with detailed counterpoints to issues raised by the fledgling organization with typical K.A. passive aggressive charm.

Open Letter to 1996 APP Conference (Orlando) attendees, possibly from Keith. It’s unsigned.

5″x7″ original print of Jack Yount from  photographer Stefan Richter.

Postcard from Jack Yount from a vacation to Southern California.

Well- here I am trying to be discovered. All the do is undress me and then they faint. Such is fame. Went to the Gauntlet this A.M., Sorry but it didn’t do a lot for me. Poor rep by people I talked to in the shop. Was in Mexico, San Fran and now L.A. Will be back next week. Tell the family I said “High”. -Jack


Letters from ‘Toecutter’ written in his typical ‘stream of consciousness’ style.

UNIQUE contact list mailings.

Photos of Tom Brazda doing ‘lo-bretts’ on Shannon Larratt, mailed from Stainless Studios.

While it’s made me sad that I’ve lost so much correspondence over the years I was pleased by how much was still around; I’m going to start scanning the letters and postcards tomorrow so they’ll never be lost again.


Shawn Porter has spent the majority of his life in the modification world. As a body modification archivist and documentarian, he has one of the most extensive collections of documents relating to the early American body modification community outside of academia. He edited the SPC website from 1995 to 2005, co-founded ModCon, was the host of ModCons 3.5 and 4, and created and hosted The Scarwars Project from 2004-2007. In 2011 Shawn launched Occult Vibrations, a blog devoted to traditional American tattoos with a focus on the occult and esoteric. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife Julia and their creepy pets Mr. Bailey Papers and L. RonBenet Ramsey.


  1. Hello, Shawn:

    I discovered your really great Site via a post on “Fetlife.” The post was to direct information to your Site; mainly for the reader(s) to discover the wonderful personality of Jack Yount. I knew Jack very well, having visited him in Zephyrhills to “house sit” while he was away at either conventions or car shows. What comes to mind is that you are fond of letters; signatures from past material; and yes, that indeed “brings to life” the personalities of the individuals. Somewhere in my own pile I have what may have been one of the last letters that Jack wrote. He sent it not long before his trip to Holland where he sadly passed away from a massive Heart Attack. Upon his return Jack was going to sponsor me to trips to begin my modification journey; starting when the question could be answered if it was possible to have the stainless steel balls that were once inside of Jack’s Scrotum, to be inserted into my Scrotum while my Testes were still intact. As you know, Jack was Castrated before the huge steel balls were implanted. In addition, we were going to have silicon injections into my cock for a continual journey to transform me to be as large as physically possible. None of that happened of course. The sad matter was that it took me a very long time to discover what had happened to Jack. I contacted his neighbor and “friend” Paul, whom in turn never returned my request for information. Only later, almost a year later, and by sheer chance did I find someone online that told me the fate of Jack. Be well; and keep up the great work, Shawn.


    1. Hey Gary- I’d love to chat more if you’re up for it. I can fill in some of the pieces about what happened in Z-hills after Jack passed. My email is the name of this site

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