I hope you’re all enjoying the content that I’ve been adding here on Sacred Debris; it’s been great fun digging up these treasures from my archive and sharing them with people who genuinely care about the Body Modification Community.

In a continuing effort to get some of the outdated media platforms in the collection online we’re in need of some equally outdated media players:

A DVC camera/player. (NTSC)
An 8mm (tape) player. (NTSC)
A negative scanner capable of scanning medium format negatives.

We’re seeking donations of any of the above to get some amazing footage converted and shared. If you don’t have access to the cameras/scanners, we always gratefully accept tips in our Paypal tip jar.

Our  email is

For too long people have taken for granted that this kind of content just falls from the sky- but for the volunteers who work really hard to make sure it gets out to the world free of charge, taking the time to let us know you’re appreciating it is really motivational.





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