Do you remember your first Prince Albert?

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Sometimes when I’m trying to be clever, I use California Roll as a descriptor when I’m identifying something as the safe, starter choice for trying something new. Chicken Curry is the California Roll of Indian food; the 5k is the California Roll of running, and the Prince Albert is…

You get the picture. It’s the intro piercing most men get when they begin to explore the idea of genital piercing. Frenum, Dydoes, Apadravya and the oft-dreaded/oft-treasured Ampallang may follow, but for the majority of men finding themselves in the stirrups for the first time, the PA- which is quick and painless for the most part, easy to heal and easier to stretch is a great way to start.

Most piercers have long since lost count of how many Prince Alberts they’ve performed in their career- a blur of receiving tubes and miles upon miles of ready to be pierced penis-  but almost everyone remembers their first. When they have to fight not appear more nervous than the client and make sure that it all goes smoothly you can be sure that it leaves an indelible impression.

One of my favorite WHO’S WHO features in PFIQ Magazine was on a piercing/tattoo enthusiast and Gauntlet regular named Jim A. 1 who had the distinction of being Jim Ward’s first Prince Albert piercing. In his indispensable memoir ‘Running the Gauntlet’  Jim says:

At that time, I had not yet invented the piercing needle and was using large veterinary hypodermic needles. Trying to follow the beveled point of the needle with the jewelry was virtually impossible. The other challenge was the technique Doug used of piercing into the tip of a cotton swab. By some miracle I managed to do the piercing, but the procedure was extremely bloody. Despite everything, Jim was a good sport, and over the years became a regular customer as well as a close friend.

I remember reading the interview with Jim A. in one of the early issues of PFI and falling in love with his genital tattoos by tattoo legend Cliff Raven- this photo, originally published on SPCOnline in 1998, features his hardware, including the original PA Piercing by Jim Ward. Other than being a friend/client of the Gauntlet, Anderson assisted in creating the PFIQ Crosswords that ran from issue #36 (1991) through #42 (1993).

If you’d like to share the story of your first Prince Albert (getting or giving) please use the comments forum below!


  1. Jim Anderson. Running the Gauntlet

Shawn Porter has spent the majority of his life in the modification world. As a body modification archivist and documentarian, he has one of the most extensive collections of documents relating to the early American body modification community outside of academia. He edited the SPC website from 1995 to 2005, co-founded ModCon, was the host of ModCons 3.5 and 4, and created and hosted The Scarwars Project from 2004-2007. In 2011 Shawn launched Occult Vibrations, a blog devoted to traditional American tattoos with a focus on the occult and esoteric. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife Julia and their creepy pets Mr. Bailey Papers and L. RonBenet Ramsey.


  1. I easily remember both getting and giving my first p.a piercing. I got mine in a small room by a long time piercer friends apprentice with an audience of 5 male friends. By far one of the most amazing feelings. The first one that I had performed was on an older gentleman with no prior piercing or tattoos. ….such a loud scream…

  2. The first PA that I got done was also the first one that I did, during my apprenticeship. I’d hardly say that I have a blur of receiving tubes, there’s only been a few dozen over the years, although some of the reactions you get are most definitely memorable.

  3. Jack Yount did a 10g PA on me in 1990; later that day my brother and I went to the batting cage to hit a few softballs (which makes perfect sense after a genital piercing) and a mistimed swing had me stepping directly in front of the ball. Which hit me straight in the dick.

  4. The first PA I ever did was on an ex boyfriend, and I was so terrified about fucking up, I pushed that damn needle so damn slow, I remember seeing the tissue just stretching and resisting. Then I realized I forgot to lube the needle. Hahaha! In retrospect, good. Hahahaha

  5. Mine was initially at a ten gauge and I decided to immediately go home to try it out sexually. I was soon confused on whether she had her period or if I was really bleeding that bad. … It was me…

  6. After getting my 4g P.A. done I walked 7 blocks to catch the L. It was closed because someone jumped in front of it. I would have had to take the bus to get back to my house in West Philly and I had work in 2 hours. I didn’t have to time to get home and back to the area for work, so I walked another 8 blocks to work and waited till my shift. I bled through my pants and everyone could see it.

  7. I remember my first and last PA. My poor cervix was bruised for weeks. Standing rule after that was put that ring on the nightstand before you ride the ride.

  8. The first time i did a PA the piercing went relatively smooth…but the jewelry transfer…my god! I was shaking so bad from nervousness and excitement about actually doing the piercing i could barely transfer a 10g 3/4 cbr!

  9. The first one I performed, was the first one I got.

    It was during one of the ROP gatherings. There I met T & M and went back to their place to hang out for a day or so before heading back to Canada.

    T asked me to do her VCH and I decided I wanted to do my PA. So M and I went to pick up jewelry from a local shop he worked at.

    Next thing I know we are in their spare bedroom, where I was crashing. T was pantsless and M was showing me placement, techniques,etc.

    After T was done it was my turn. So M showed me placement,etc and then let me pierce myself. It was slow but not painful at all when I suddenly felt a release. I was shaking and had to get M to finish with the jewelry insertion etc. The joys of a fresh apprentice hands haha!

    I then had A LONG ride home in a car and that fresh PA. Haha

    The last one I did was in Darwin NT. This guy showed up looking like a dirty hobo. Seriously his clothes were filthy and he had a unkept shabby/scruffy beard with long messy hair.

    When I got him into the room and he removed his pants, I was amazed. He was well shaved and powdered. Zero razor burn and his genitals smelt better than the rest of him.

    He laughed and mentioned how this probably surprised me… I simply told him that I wish ALL genital clients cared to tend to their genitals like he did haha

  10. Good afternoon – Brazilian Greetings! I read the above posts which reminded me of my experience with Prince Albert. One afternoon in 2003 I invited some friends who were into see me working to witness my preposterous idea originally put 6g right in PA had won another colleague Piercer one VHS cassette which, among other Professionals Jim Ward showed some holes in genital areas. They were all staring at my movements while I finished making the final measurements before making application. Managed with a toolmaker friend make a taper based the information it had at the time. When I passed the needle of my friends was stunned to the point of falling pressure, completion :)! Do not know if he finished passing the jewelry store or helped. More in the end ended up giving it right!

    Forgive my linguistic deficiency, I’m using translator!

  11. My very first PA I performed was on myself. I knew the theory, but back in the late 80’s early 90’s there wasn’t any really good information, or piercers around my area. I was just beginning my career as a piercer. I remember being scared as hell as I began, but it really was one of the simplest and easiest piercings I ever did on myself. I’ve done countless over the years since, but I will never ever forget that nervousness or exhilaration when I was done.

  12. I’ll never forget my first PA, which I pierced in 2002. The client visited with his surgeon boyfriend, who happened to have a 0g PA -the first 0g PA I had ever seen. Their confidence enabled me to feel comfortable. As soon as the needle was through, the client grabbed my wrist and held it tight. For about 5 minutes he held my wrist while I held his penis and we calmly discussed how he was going to let go and how everything was going to be okay.

    And everything was okay. I pierced at 10g, but it’s now also 0g. I recently learned that his consultation appointment with me was his first date with the doctor, they’ve been together ever since. I see them at my local tattoo festival every year, where I am enthusiastically introduced as the only woman to have ever held his penis.

  13. The first PA I did was on my best friend, I did it at 10G after I partied on new years day 2012 and stayed up all night long. I did it at home and Was very stressed, but it was a very good experience and all was good. My friend still wearing it and stretched it to a 2G 🙂
    Obviously I won’t do any work at home and don’t recommend it!!!

  14. I’m not quite sure of the year, 1984 or 1985, but I certainly remember the event. After taking what seemed like an eternity to decide to finally do it, I ventured to Gauntlet in West Hollywood and told Jim Ward I wanted a Prince Albert piercing. This was a major event in my life and he could not have appeared less interested. What I recall of the set-up was a needle, a Q-Tip and a 14Ga. fixed bead ring, I’m certain there was more, but that’s what i remember. I also remember when the Q-Tip was inserted into my urethra it hurt more than the actual piercing. After hearing, “Take a deep breath and let it out”, there was a sensation and it was done. I was changed forever. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Several years later, after Elayne Angel had moved Gauntlet to the 2nd floor, Paul King convinced me to purchase a 15/16th” 00Ga. Circular Barbell, he told me, “We don’t get these very often!” I wear that piece of jewelry to this day.

  15. I assigned you all a number and plugged you into a random number generator- and the winner is….

    Shamos. Shoot me your shirt size and mailing address!

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