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FH 36A- Post Mates


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.12.54 PM

I’m not sure if I ever posted the backside of the ‘manage a trois of horns’ photo that I turned into 2015’s Sacred Debris/APP post card- I need to get better about keeping track of uploads (or hire a personal assistant to keep track for me) so assuming that I haven’t-

Backside of image FH36A- Sailor Sid Diller, Jim Ward and Bud ‘Viking’ Navaro, February 1982 from the collection of Sailor Sid Diller/Jack Yount. Regular readers know that I never pass up a chance to post septum tusk photos, so I’m including the front side as well. Also, I like that shag carpeting.

The postcards were given away at APP2015 for first year attendees.

Subscriber Postcard Contest: Jack Yount

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.05.55 PM

Our final Sacred Debris postcard run of 2015 arrived today; featuring one of my favorite photos of Jack Yount (approximately 1988/9) smiling and enjoying a cocktail, these are a little thank you for site patrons and friends. I’ve put a few aside as a bonus for folks who’ve signed up for our email notification list; I broke the list down into groups of 20 and used my trusty 20 sided dice to roll a winner for each block. The winners have been contacted via email and have a choice of three different postcards. Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported the Sacred Debris blog this year; donations, research help, comments and sharing posts on your social networking feeds- it’s really motivational to see that the site is reaching an audience of folks who appreciate it.

I’m working on a year end poll to see what we’ve been doing right, what we can do better and how you folks want to see the blog evolve in 2016, so check back on NYE and take a few minutes sharing your thoughts on how to keep things interesting and fun.


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Sacred Debris postcards

The first two SD postcards: Viking Navaro (left) and Jim Ward (covered), Sailor Sid Diller and Viking Navaro.

Sacred Debris postcard three

Back side of postcard #3

I just sent off the artwork for the final Sacred Debris postcard of 2015. I’m going to keep the front design secret until the first batch goes into the post, but I think the folks who get them will be happy with the modification legend I chose as the cover boy.

These postcards are sent out to thank site supporters for helping out the blog, but I’m going to set a few of each design (including the newest) for a subscriber contest- all you have to do is to sign up for our email list and you’ll be entered into the drawing; existing subscribers will be automatically entered. Winners will be contacted via email.

The email list will notify you every time I update SD, so you should expect a few emails a month- standard disclaimers apply: your information will not be shared or sold and will only be used to notify you of Sacred Debris updates.