BSTA: Oral History

Since 2017, Sacred Debris correspondent Ari Rothberg-Pimsler has been recording interviews/oral histories with  current and retired body piercers who’s contributions to the industry/community have influenced and inspired the generation of piercers who followed them.

These interviews are not intended to be the final word on the lives and careers of those interviewed, just a snapshot of who they are and what they’re leaving behind.

The content of oral history interviews is personal, experiential and interpretive because, by its nature, it relies on the memories, perceptions, and opinions of individuals. While all reasonable attempts are made to avoid inaccuracy, the interviews are presented in good faith to be accurate and should not be understood as statements of fact or opinion endorsed by Ari Pimsler, Shawn Porter, or Sacred Debris. We welcome opposing viewpoints from individuals with first-hand knowledge of the people, places, and situations contained herein as well as corrections on spelling, timelines, or names. Email attn Shawn.




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