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Sacred Debris is an ever evolving repository for information related to modification of the human body. At it’s core is the SPCOnline archive; one of the largest private collections of body modification photos and videos outside of academia. As the site grows we’ll be encouraging others to contribute their archives to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the past, present, and future of our community.

The Body Modification community is amazingly diverse; we modify ourselves for spiritual reasons, sexual reasons, aesthetic and performance reasons. Sometimes we modify ourselves for reasons we can’t even qualify. Sacred Debris will explore every discipline without judgement. We welcome reblogs to personal blogs. For academic/media use please contact the admin.


  1. Hi Shawn,

    I’m desperately searching for a video that has been posted on BME in the past. It features Sammy (Horst Heinrich Streckenbach) and Sid:


    Jen from BME wrote me that there is access to the video on this page. I can’t find it though.
    Where is it located or would there be the possibility to send it to me via wetransfer or something similar? Of course I would love to pay for the effort.

    The video is needed for scientific research concerned with the German tattoo/body mod history.

    Kind regards

    1. Hey Ole- That VHS cassette has sadly been damaged; Im looking into having it repaired to make a higher quality transfer, but in the meantime the only remaining copy is the low-fi one I posted on BME a few years ago.

      It’s not publicly available, but it exists on our supporter site. Email me (the site name @ gmail) and I’ll give you the information.

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