Tatu Scotty

Paul (Scotty) and I, 1997 (South Beach Miami) or 1998 (San Francisco)

These were public posts written by Paul McNaughton (aka Tatu Scotty) in the late 1990s/2000. They’re presented as written with no spelling corrections from Paul’s original notes.

I have a full body suit and the strong desire for it, quelled any thought of pain.  You must be in the mood the day of tattooing and the artist must also have good vibes.  If either are off for that day, put it off and come back tomorrow.  From the age of 10, I wanted a full body suit and concentrated all I had on doing it  and began at 18.  Never had any trouble with the armpits, genitals, neck or hands. I will admit the palms were the most difficult and took three sittings for each palm. But again, I feel it is mind over matter, and delighted I did not back away.  All of us with full body suits must unite! 9/11/1996

I was a wonderful “sleazy part of town” part of “Old Honolulu”, with lots of history there. In fact, the oldest bar in the Pacific was one block away.  I have also been tattooed there when Sailor Jerry owned the place. Many a “Sailor’s Grave” design was tattooed there following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Now it is owned by Mike Malone and some mighty good work still leaves the shop each day.  You can’t go wrong, for history or for art by getting work there.

I have a full body suit of tattooing and I am delighted with the results.  As a boy of 14 years of age, I set out to do this and have never regretted it, nor has it ever affected my business career.  Today, I have my entire head, neck and hands tattooed and recently completed a facial Moko.

I first had my chin designed, and grew a beard to cover it.  This worked very well, and then I kept extending certain lines so they would crawl to a hairless part of my face, (above moustache).  A few years, when on a business trip to New Zealand,  I had my forehead covered by a Polynesian who was one of New Zealands top artist.  I was delighted. My hair can be brushed forward when I wish to do so.  Three years ago, I completed my nose and cheeks.  People accept me for what I am, a thoroughly enthustic tattoo collector.  Again, I have never regretted doing it, but I knew from

an early age, that I wanted to do it. I will admit that I cover this Moko with a cosmetic called Lydia O’Leary’s COVERMARK, which can be obtained in the better epartment stores in the US and UK.  Covermark will stay on my face all day, and when I wear it, people never mention or ask questions about my Moko.  I think we should have a Moko Tattoo Club for those interested in facial tattooing. 7/24/96

I have four implants and it took about two weeks the heal and completly heal.  Had them done while visiting Osaka Japan, where one third of men have them.  Mine do not float around but can be moved with some effort. Lots of fun with them.

I am another with a few DIsney characters tattooed on my.  I got a Mickey Mouse on my stomach and the day after I did this I was given a private tour of Disney studios in LA by a high offical I knew there..  I told him about it and nothing was ever said.  However,  Mickey was covered over a few years later when I needed the space to complete a more ambitious design. He was a good guy to have around then.

I have met Isobel Varley and her husband several times.  She is a wonderful woman and covered in tattoos and several piercings.  We were together at the funeral of Sebastion Ink in London and she told me that Sebastion did many of her piercings.  She is soft spoken and a true collector of body art.

(re: tattoos on the tongue)
it is possible as I have had mine done too.  However, there is a tendency for it to wear off after a year or so.  It is not difficult and does not hurt.  Heals very rapidly.  It is not really that “wierd”  When in the Navy several of us got it at the same time.  We all have anchors tattooed on the end of the tounge.