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Safe Guide to Professional Piercing: Outtakes 2


I spent some time this week cleaning up my ‘unused clips’ folder and decided to breathe a little life into some outtakes from the Safe Guide to Professional Piercing series. This footage was cut from the Prince Albert segment; the client had been marked for nipple piercing but decided last minute not to have it done at the same time of his PA with a post-script scene of him being shaved….

Famed UK Body Artist Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby infamously owned a pillow stuffed with pubic hair and Jack and Sailor Sid were often seen in their videos collecting contributions for it.




Sandbox: A Safe Guide: Frenum

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.07.36 PM

I’m working on another episode of ‘A Safe Guide to Professional Piercing’ starring Jack Yount and filmed by Sailor Sid. This installment features him performing a frenum piercing with a captive bead ring that can be flipped up and used as an ad hoc cockring.

I’ve debated over how much Safe Guide footage is too much and I think the recent hafada episode is the last one that will be published for a while just to keep things from getting stale. so this video is a special treat for Sandbox supporters. I appreciate you folks and your contributions to the site.

If you have access to the Sandbox- the video is live now.

(If you’ve supported Sacred Debris and don’t have a Sandbox password, shoot me an email from the address you donated from and we’ll get you set up)