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Like Moths to a Flame (NSFW)

Anthony Alan Oversby, called Alan or Mr. Sebastian, was tattoo artist and body piercer and was a key nodal figure in the popularization of body piercing in the UK. Seeing pierced nipples on fieldhands 1 ignited his interest in body piercing, In 1976, Alan left his position as an art teacher, and traveled across the US, working with Sailor Sid Diller and others to further educate himself as a tattoo artist. Continue reading


  1. “Fascinated by the gold rings that glittered in the nipples of field hands, he made persistent enquiries which were eventually rewarded with an exciting midnight visit to the local piercer.” – Obiturary, Independent.

Uncovered: Velvet Talks June 1982

The Golden Age of adult cinema 1 (and it’s siblings, adult magazines) was, despite it’s often lurid and prurient content, conservative. It traded in archetype- the perky blonde, the intense brunette, the fiery redhead-all American good looks and not much in the way of self-expression. When you did see a tattoo, it was small or discrete. Performers with large tattoos were anomalous, 2 with producers fearing that it would ruin the “girl next door” fantasy that their 8mm loops (the VHS tapes) promised.

Being tattooed or pierced was subversive in a subversive genre. Continue reading


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