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Til of Cardiff: Tattoo


TILofcardifftannulloTil of Cardiff.
Model: Til.
Artist: Alan “Mr. Sebastian” Oversby.
Procedure: Tattooing.
Year: 1982.
Location: London, England.

Without a doubt, the video of the ‘Incredible Til’ showing off his inversion has been the most viewed video on Sacred Debris since it was added in January of 2014. The master video- complete with sound and a much better picture- has been discovered and will be digitized for archival as part of the 8mm restoration project; I hope it sheds some light on what’s going on with his nipples- it’s hard to tell from the photos but there appears to be behind the areola deep piercings with some level of nipple nullification/modification. The jewelry in the deep piercings looks incredibly DIY with wrapped ends. It’s really difficult to tell what’s what.

The fresh tattooing in this photo is being performed by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.

Colored Hans



Not necessarily wanting to dig through photo albums and storage bins I was lucky to have a lower resolution of Hans of Denmark’s pubic tattoo after the color had been finished. This scan originally appeared on the spcOnline site in 1996 and was captured at a lowly 72dpi before being compressed as a .jpg. One of these days I’ll dig out the original and get a better resolution file out of it. The large rings are through his apadravya piercing.

The tattoo was applied by Mr. Sebastian and the photo dates to approximately 1982.

Like a lot of Europeans of his generation, Hans lived through the bombings and air raids of WW2; the following is from the Body Art #7 (which also features Jack Yount) interview between Hans and photographer Chris Wroblewski:

Chris Wroblewski: What was it like living in a city under siege?

Hans: It was an adventure I remember one house I lived in in the attic state of famous Baron ass who wouldn’t talk to anyone below the rank of  Dr. fortunately we got along rather well and we’d often go down into the air raid shelters together. she wore beautiful costumes an amazing hats.  I always carried an umbrella so that when we when the  Bombs shook  the street no dust would settle on her immaculate  appearance. 1


  1. Body Art Magazine #7. 1989 Publications Ltd, interview with Hans by photographer Chris Wroblewski

Pubic Tattoo: Hans of Denmark


Things have been fairly quiet on the front end of Sacred Debris lately, but behind the scenes archival and preservation have been clicking along quietly with the final few piercings in the Safe Guide series digitized and edited. I was really happy with the quality of the footage on that tape and my attempts at color and contrast correction to remove the yellowing have been promising; I’ve kept two versions of every piercing procedure from the VHS Cassette- original and altered- so I’m free to move on to the next archival project, which will either be a castration procedure labeled ‘Jim loses his manhood’ or footage from the 1991 Paris Tattoo Convention. The former may end up in the Sandbox, and the latter on Occult Vibrations. Depends on how usable the footage ends up being.

hans of denmarkAs a palate cleanser between video updates, the above is a photo of the incredible Hans of Denmark, who made frequent appearances in the 1980s body modification periodical circuit with his enlarged piercings and full body tattooing. This photo dates back to 1978 and was taken by Sailor Sid Diller on his first London visit and features Hans’s pubic tattoo outline by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.

In the 70s I became interested in tattooing and piercing. I began by having a small design placed on a discrete part of my body by Svend, a tattooist working in Nyhavn. It was then difficult to get your ear pierced so I decided to do it myself. Actually I’d been experimenting with needles when I was young and discovered that I liked the sensation of inserting pins and so on into my skin. However I couldn’t discuss this with anyone as they’d simply think that I was a crazy kid so went to the libraries and read as much as I could on African scarification rites and anthropological studies on body deformation….Later I went over to London and met a tattooist, Dennis Cockle, who tattooed my torso with large colorful designs and another man, Mr. Sebastian, pierced my penis. Now this was something else altogether, when the anesthetic wore off I could hardly walk. 1 

Hans went on to be almost fully tattooed from neck to toes and was famous for his enlarged piercings which included an 1″+ apadravya piercing. I have photos in my scanning queue of his finished pubic tattoo, those will be included in future updates.


  1. Body Art # 7, Interview with Chris Wroblewski. 1989 Publications Ltd.

Prince Albert by Mr. Sebastian


sebastiansacred3These photos, which were taken in 1981 by Sailor Sid Diller,  originally appeared on the spcOnline site in 1998 and feature legendary British Tattooist/Piercer Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby performing a Prince Albert piercing. Techniques have evolved over time- here we see Alan piercing from the inside of the urethra out with no receiving tube. Great care had to be taken to not knick the inside of the urethra, making it a less then ideal way to perform the piercing.

My own P.A. was done by Jack Yount using this method before he began using a NRT.

From the SPC: Sid’s UK Invasion

When the Body Modification world was much smaller and more spread out, devotees were rarely able to meet in person. Travel was usually prohibitively expensive, particularly international destinations. People kept in touch with letters, audio and video tapes and the occasional and often times incredibly expensive long distance phone call.

Before ever meeting in person, Sailor Sid Diller and Alan (Mr. Sebastian) Oversby knew each other quite well thanks to exchanging letters and audio cassettes. Sid’s UK trip would help bridge the International gap in the Body Piercing/Tattoo community-and he’d leave with a few souvenir tattoos from Sebastian.

Sid interviewed Sebastian for Issue #4 of PFIQ.