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Bud Larsen Revisited

Bud Larsen artwork for PFIQ

In 2001 I traveled to Phoenix, Az to meet and record an oral history with PFIQ/Drummer artist Bud Larsen. The experience was doomed to failure and for the last 14 years I’ve considered the tape containing the history to be lost.

Late last week, while sorting and organizing tapes from that period I discovered that it wasn’t lost, just misfiled. The tape represents a very rare conversation with Bud and has been put to the head of the queue for archival and preservation. It was shot as a backup so the camera is not set up ‘interview’ style, but the content will hopefully make up for the lack of video when it’s finally ready.



T&P Parties (NSFW)


A small envelope of photographs I have from the Sailor Sid Diller collection suffered water damage back in the 1980s- I never heard the full story- and I usually try to crop out the damage before including them on the site. But sometimes I think it adds a well traveled bit of character to present them as scanned.

This photograph features Sid at a ‘T&P Party’ circa approximately 1983. Out of context it’s hard to tell if the gentleman laying down is about to get pierced or if it was just a bit of play, but luckily there were cameras present to document it all.

I love seeing Sid with his septum tusk flipped up like this.