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A5301012 13: Hans of Denmark (NSFW)


On a visit to London Hans convinced Mr. Sebastian to do four piercings in one session. First, he got a quiche and ampallang. Then he got a Prince Albert. Because he had previously subincised his urethra he had the Prince Albert placed somewhat lower than the usual placement- one which began at the base of the glans and came out lower down the urethra. Finally, in the same session, he got what was the usual upper half of the apadravya. Since it lies just above the spot where the Prince Albert normally lies,  Hans called this piercing his “Queen Victoria.”

Hans has a wonderful sense of humor but had a little that day as he left Mr. Sebastian’s shop and boarded the London bus to return was lodgings. “I had to have a smoke, so I carefully climbed to the upper deck of the bus. I had to. I needed to spread my legs all the way home. Once I got home, I took a nice, long bath. That helped and the healing progressed reasonably fast. But that was the LAST time I ever got so many piercings at once.”

Hans especially likes his “Queen Victoria.” As the photos show, he has increased the piercings substantially. Last New Year’s Eve, he cut a slit from the original piercing so it’s now able to take a 3/4” (outside diameter) tube through the piercing.  – A. Viking Navaro, PFIQ #19

A5301012 13
Model: Hans of Denmark.
Year: 1980s
Piercing: “Queen Victoria”

Colored Hans



Not necessarily wanting to dig through photo albums and storage bins I was lucky to have a lower resolution of Hans of Denmark’s pubic tattoo after the color had been finished. This scan originally appeared on the spcOnline site in 1996 and was captured at a lowly 72dpi before being compressed as a .jpg. One of these days I’ll dig out the original and get a better resolution file out of it. The large rings are through his apadravya piercing.

The tattoo was applied by Mr. Sebastian and the photo dates to approximately 1982.

Like a lot of Europeans of his generation, Hans lived through the bombings and air raids of WW2; the following is from the Body Art #7 (which also features Jack Yount) interview between Hans and photographer Chris Wroblewski:

Chris Wroblewski: What was it like living in a city under siege?

Hans: It was an adventure I remember one house I lived in in the attic state of famous Baron ass who wouldn’t talk to anyone below the rank of  Dr. fortunately we got along rather well and we’d often go down into the air raid shelters together. she wore beautiful costumes an amazing hats.  I always carried an umbrella so that when we when the  Bombs shook  the street no dust would settle on her immaculate  appearance. 1


  1. Body Art Magazine #7. 1989 Publications Ltd, interview with Hans by photographer Chris Wroblewski