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Piercing 1978

seventiespiercingHappy New Year, everyone.
Like a lot of photographs in my archive, this picture has very little in the way of a backstory to go with it. Sailor Sid Diller would often label his photos with typewritten stickers on the back, but other prints are far more mysterious.

The only information I have on this were the words “1978” written on the back of the photograph in blue ballpoint pen. It was likely done at a T&P Party 1 but that’s not confirmed.

Jim Ward believes the piercer to be Jim Anderson, and the piercee is Kinsey M.




  1. Hosted by Doug Malloy, these parties were a meeting place for early devotees of Body Piercing when it was a hobby not a business. These parties were a safe place for piercing fans who were often unwelcome at tattoo conventions.