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I need this like I need a hole in the head….

An anonymous tumblr follower suggested that I start adding all of the ‘one shot’ updates- the single photos with no articles to go with them- to the Sacreddebris.com site proper instead of just dropping them on tumblr. It makes sense considering that anything I post here also ends up there, and who knows… it may even make it look like I update this site more often than I do.

I’ve been pretty open about the future of this blog; I can’t say it’s going to make it past 1st January 2015. But until I pull the plug  I might as well try to keep it updated.

This photo is an early digital camera shot (thus the quality) from approximately 1996-7 that was submitted to the SPCOnline site by BME Editor Shannon Larratt. I’ve written about this before- the infamous ‘fork handle dermal elevator’ procedure (which you can check out here– but for those too busy to click the link…

Shannon had a set of implants in his forehead done by a traveling practitioner and he felt they were crooked. Since the artist had moved on he had to have his roommate ‘fix’ the placement, but without proper tools they resorted to using the flat end of a fork’s handle in place of a dermal elevator. There’s a lot of talk recently about irresponsibility with documenting certain procedures, but when Shannon submitted these to SPC we didn’t even consider the possible negative consequences of publishing graphic, ill advised procedural photos.

A bloody good friendship

shanblood1 copy


Sometimes modifications don’t work out.
Sometimes people who know better do really unadvisable things and still, miraculously, come out of it just fine.
Some time in either late 1995 or early 1996 I tried to give Shannon Larratt a ‘how to’ primer on doing a self done meatotomy; the tools needed (which included hemostats, surgical scissors and silver nitrate which was common in that time period as a cauterization method) as well as the step by step process to successfully complete what should have been a basic DIY procedure.

Shannon ended up in the Emergency Room when things went wrong; an excerpt from the hand written journal entry about the incident appears in the 2002 book ModCon: The secret world of extreme modification. Shannon confessed to me that he was too impatient to wait for the proper tools, so instead of using hemostats he used a homemade contraption using rubber bands to supply tension and regular scissors to do the cutting. I’m not sure he even bothered with the cautery. The combination of these factors caused excessive bleeding and the ER trip as well as the end of me giving DIY advice to anyone.

Which brings us to Shannon’s bloody forehead.

While living in Philadelphia, Shannon decided to get a set of forehead implants (which I believe were inspired by a race from the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series called Cardassians) that he wasn’t 100% happy with. He felt that the left one was slightly crooked and with the artist who did the implants already back on the road so with the help of his roommate decided to go the home surgery route to remove them despite not having the proper tools.

Did you know that a the flat part of a fork handle can be used in place of a dermal elevator?

Shannon contributed this photo (as part of a set) to the SPCOnline site in 1998 if memory serves with the playful caveat of not learning his lesson the first time.