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Til there was you

incredibletilsacreddebrisIf I had a dollar donated for every view that the ‘Incredible Til’ video has received since I uploaded it shortly after Sacred Debris launched in 2014, I’d have enough money to buy well over 300,000 dollar items at the local five and dime. That’s not necessarily a reminder that you should throw some love into the tip bucket if you like the content- much of it literally one of a kind- that we post here at SD… but it’s also not NOT one.

With that out of the way….

“The Incredible” Til of Cardiff made his debut in the pages of Piercing Fans International Quarterly thirty-five years ago and has remained one of the most searched-for names in our “how did you find us” queue. While I suspect that most people are searching for pictures of what made him so incredible- an invertible sub and super incised penis that could be turned “inside out”- today’s update is a rare glimpse at the man behind the member.

Interestingly enough every photo of Til in the SD archives finds him with his eyes closed.

This photo dates back to the late 1980s and features tattooing by Alan ‘Mr. Sebastian’ Oversby.


FH 36A- Post Mates


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.12.54 PM

I’m not sure if I ever posted the backside of the ‘manage a trois of horns’ photo that I turned into 2015’s Sacred Debris/APP post card- I need to get better about keeping track of uploads (or hire a personal assistant to keep track for me) so assuming that I haven’t-

Backside of image FH36A- Sailor Sid Diller, Jim Ward and Bud ‘Viking’ Navaro, February 1982 from the collection of Sailor Sid Diller/Jack Yount. Regular readers know that I never pass up a chance to post septum tusk photos, so I’m including the front side as well. Also, I like that shag carpeting.

The postcards were given away at APP2015 for first year attendees.

Sailor Sid’s Organ


It’s easy for me to pretend that I won’t go for a cheap ‘organ’ pun when it comes to making a post about a gentleman who was internationally known for the amount of piercings in his penis and scrotum; but realistically I just can’t help myself.

Early 1980s, Sailor Sid Diller.
I admit that I love the candid shots more than the piercing/tattooing photos; more of their personality comes out and you see a much more human side to them than just tattooing someone’s taint or piercing their nipples.

HP-1A: Don’t Blink


It’s always a treat to find a handwritten note on the back of a photograph that I have in the scanning queue. I’ve posted about it before (February 2015: http://sacreddebris.com/signatures-of-the-past) and even after scanning 1000s of prints I still feel extra connected to the ones that have notes/scribbles/signatures on them.

Sailor Sid Diller used typed labels on most of the photos he sent to his correspondences (with hand written code numbers) so a note like this- even if it’s just apologizing for blinking when the photography was being taken, makes it a little more interesting to me than just another photo.

(Sandbox members- I’ll post a scan of the front of the print on the Facebook group for you folks)


Double Eagle

eagle eyes

It’s been a long day, Internet. I was going to hack out a big ol’ footnoted blurb to accompany this update (that features Sailor Sid Diller on the right with an as yet unknown friend on the left) about the history of chest eagles as a tattoo motif but instead I’ll just leave you with this:

Look at that belt buckle.

So rad.

No year on this one, but given the absence of Sid’s black graphic abdomen tattoo (which was done in 1982) it’s likely late 1970s/early 1980s.

The gent on the left last appeared on SD in August of 2015 with a close-up; here he is in all/some of his glory.

FG-33A: Bob, Sid and Cliff


Another example of solid black tattooing by tattoo legend Cliff Raven. Taken at his Hollywood studio in 1982 featuring a glimpse of Bob (last seen in Bob’s back) and Sid Diller’s fresh blackwork. While primarily known for his large scale Japanese influenced work, Raven was also an early adapter of solid black ‘pre-technological’ style tattooing.

Raven, born Cliff Ingram, won the Tattoo Artist of the Year award from the First Annual International Tattoo Convention in February 1976. 1





Another scan from the 1986 Knoxville, TN tattoo convention, featuring Sailor Sid Diller (yellow shirt) and in the far left corner ironic tattoo artist Royboy Cooper. Scanned from a 3×5 print. It’s possible that Big Ed Fenster is the gent in the checkered shirt behind Sid, but it’s hard to tell without seeing his face.