There is safety in numbers.
Sacred Debris exists to service a niche part of a niche culture. We have no intention of being the biggest Body Modification site on the internet of or being a resource for general inquiries. For people interested in finding out more about some of the specific procedures covered here, try the following sites:

  • BME. The Biggest and Best since 1994, BME features photographs, video and experiences covering every modification possible.
  • Scarwars. Initially just a blog to cover the Scarwars series of events, it has since evolved into a general cutting/branding resource.
  • Occult Vibrations. Tattoo history videos mixed with esoteric tattoo culture.
  • Running the Gauntlet: An intimate history of the modern body piercing movement.
  • Re/Search: Modern Primitives.
  • Comprehensive directory of suspension groups and styles.
  • Hooklife: Frequently updated Suspension Culture blog.


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  1. I’m disparately trying to arrange a suspension – I live in North Carolina but travel frequently. I’m willing to go anywhere to attend, how can I make it happen?

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