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Beta was better

tumblr_nlfvfnNhFZ1town8so1_1280I had a fairly productive time organizing VHS tapes today; trying to get the unlabeled tapes queued up to see what’s on them, categorizing them into groups of piercing, tattooing, modification, etc-the sorting is boring work but the upside is that almost everything I’ve dug out so far has been really rad, save for the tape with the random episodes of (25 year old) Geraldo and Kids in the Hall on it. Which turned out to be pretty rad in retrospect.

I should have some new modification content in the SANDBOX over the next few days for site supporters with the main site hopefully getting some early 1980s piercing content early next week.

Thanks so much for the continued interest and support of the SD project- It means a lot.




Una más cerveza


I woke up this morning to find my social networking streams full of photos of Shannon Larratt; bearded and serious, monastic and stoic with motivational quotes accompanying them. It’s been two years since he passed away; who he was will, in time, be replaced by who people want him to have been.

Those of us who knew him- who laughed with him, fought with him, spoke to him every day or had spats where we didn’t speak for months- who remember the good, the bad and the ugly of him- have a responsibility to remind the people who are looking for a prophet or a guru that behind it all there was just a dude. A funny, good hearted dude who was as frail and fallible, as strong and as sure as anyone else. Shannon was a man, not a meme.

My memory of Shannon for today is how my friendship with him profoundly affected my wardrobe. I never left a meeting with Shannon Larratt without having at least one t-shirt gifted (or forced upon) to me. Some were funny. Some were bad. Some had his face on them. Some had genitals on them. A lot of them had genitals on them. I’d say “no thanks man, I already have 200 BME shirts” and somehow I’d still end up leaving with a bag stuffed with them.

This photo finds Shannon pleasantly drunk at his house in La Paz, Mexico having one of my Scarwars shirts forced on him. That BMEFest- 2005- was hands down the best BME event I ever attended. It was all smiles, laughter, good times and just one more beer.

It’s been a strange trip, but one I’m certainly glad to have been on with him.