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One month later…

Silver Anchor, Zephyrhills Florida 1980s

Silver Anchor, Zephyrhills Florida 1980s

Consider a piece of body jewelry.
Not some piece of mass produced low quality mall kiosk belly button ring with vibrating dolphin charm, but a beautiful handmade piece of wearable art made by an artisan company that takes pride in producing the finest jewelry available. Each piece takes time to be realized, created and quality checked before it moves to the next step in the chain- the folks who pack it up with care and send it to you knowing that you’re sitting around your mailbox counting the seconds until it arrives.

It’s a process with a lot of moving parts that works well in harmony and leaves both ends of the transaction happy.

Consider Sacred Debris.
Today is our one month anniversary. In that time, we’ve had almost 10,000 visitors. The most popular post for unique page views was Evolution of a Subculture: ModCon, the most traffic from a referring link was from Luis Garcia’s tumblr and we’ve had contributions from myself, Allen Falkner, Ron Garza and Luna Duran. During our first month I think we’ve managed to set a tone for what you can expect in the coming weeks.

As readers, you folks have left 214 comments on the 21 posts we’ve created. One of my main worries in starting a new project (with SPCOnline and under my belt) was that it would be a one sided thing. Our team (which is mostly me right now) doing all of the work and having nothing to show for it in the end. I’ve been pleased to see that level of interaction- of community- with the Sacred Debris project. It may seem to be an afterthought, but discussing the articles really does make a difference. It shows us that the content is being read and appreciated, that there’s a market for something as incredibly niche as Body Modification history. The reblogs on tumblr, twitter and Facebook are also incredibly helpful in bringing visibility to what we’re doing, so keep that up. We’re going to be doing random contests for comments and reblogs- tshirts, original photographs from the SPC archive, posters- so there’s going to be some fun stuff coming (starting tonight with the ‘Do you remember your first PA’ contest) so stay tuned.

That brings us to the little button beneath this post. DONATE. Both sides- reader and editors- working together.
We’re never going to do a ‘hard sell’ on donations; this is not a paid site (our PG rated videos come with google ads and we may accept paid ads from reputable shops/jewelry in the future, but there will never be a fee to view content) but the site does cost money to create and maintain. At the moment, our server space and bandwidth is being donated but we have no escrow account if that were to ever change. Given the explicit content of our site we can’t run on’s servers, so should we lose our server we lose our site.

wd-cloudThen there’s the hardware.
To date, most of the videos I’ve added- of Body Modification icons like Jack Yount, Ed Fenster and Til of Cardiff- has been content I’ve previously captured for other projects- videos that were sitting on DVDrs unedited. Capturing new content means needing storage space. Capturing an hour long video (such as Sailor Sid’s Guide to Safe Piercing) at full resolution for archival clocks in somewhere around 30-60gb depending on the settings. When they’re uploaded they’re considerably smaller, but to preserve these tapes for future generations requires storage- more storage than I have.

We also need to purchase- or arrange donations- for a variety of media players including mini-dv and 8mm, as well as negative scanners for old analog 35mm print archival.

Last but certainly not least is time. With my current setup, adding a 10 minute video to Sacred Debris takes as much as ten hours to get online. Sorting the tapes that are often unlabeled. Scanning them from start to finish to make sure that all the content on the tape is accounted for. Importing it into my macbook. Cleaning up or removing audio, editing it down into a usable movie when then has to render and get uploaded before I sit down to write the article that accompanies it.

As a reader, you then sit down, watch a five-ten minute video, possibly leave a comment, share on social media and wait for the next update.

My hope is that the folks who care about this kind of content will want to see the project continue and will throw a few bucks into the hat to keep it going. If every viewer who checked us out in the first month would have dropped $1 into the pot- we’d have a workable budget for years to come.

So. I’m asking you folks for a little help.

The donation button is here in this entry as well as on the sidebar of the main site. If you see an update you really love and think it’s worth a buck or two… please feel free. Trust me, every little bit helps.

Thank you all so much for a great first month, and here’s hoping for more where that came from!






Jack Yount Silicone Genital Enhancement Session One

Dr. John Ronald Brown (July 14, 1922 – May 16, 2010) was known as the “World’s Worst Sex Change Surgeon” in some circles. To others he was the Modification Doctor; a surgeon willing to do procedures that others weren’t. From his private offices in San Francisco and his clinic in Mexico he became a beacon of hope for transsexuals who didn’t meet the criteria for sexual reassignment surgery candidacy through established programs by offering his services to anyone who could afford them regardless of their clinical diagnosis. For early surgical modification devotees, Dr. Brown would offer his services out of the clinic, hotel rooms or living rooms depending on the complexity of the operation.

The State of California revoked his license to practice medicine along with Hawaii, Alaska and the Island of Saint Lucia, which ironically freed him from questions of medical ethics though not of legality. In 1990 Doctor Brown served nineteen months in prison for practicing medicine without a license, and in 1999 was convicted of second degree homicide after amputating the leg of a 77 year old client suffering from apotemnophilia.

Despite being well known for his gender reassignment surgeries, Dr. Brown had a successful sideline in extreme aesthetic surgeries performed on men interested in body modification. In meeting Jack Yount he was reintroduced to a community of men who wanted procedures outside of the thresholds of AMA and legal allowances. Brown had previously performed an operation on Fakir Musafar, cutting his suspensory ligament, but Jack and his peers went for more extreme modifications.

One of which was silicone injections directly into the penis and scrotum, often to gigantic proportions. Brown would occasionally travel to Jack’s Zephyrhills, Florida home to do ‘modification parties’ to add more and more silicone to a list of happy clients. This video, recorded in direct address after his first round of injections, was sent to others considering getting the silicone procedure done. Before his death in 1995, Jack would have Dr. Brown inject 100s of CCs (possibly thousands) into his penis, scrotum, chest and eyebrows, radically reshaping his anatomy.

Due to his procedures being done primarily underground using techniques and materials not endorsed by the AMA, the safety of Brown’s procedures is as best, questionable. Anecdotally the men with direct silicone injections that I met through Jack/Brown had no unexpected problems, with some of the older clients sitting at 20+ years since initial injection, but I would seriously question the long term potential side-effects of silicone enhancement.

Brown is a controversial figure who’s technique is said to have earned him the nickname of ‘Butcher Brown’ in the transexual community, but he remained an affable fellow to a great number of those who sought him out for modifications. He died in prison on 16th May 2010. My attempts to visit him were turned down.

This video was previously published on SPCONLINE and BMENEWS.