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ModCon4 Video recovered (NSFW)

mc4labiaI received a message on tumblr a few weeks ago asking if I could answer a few questions about Photographic Preservation and Collection Management, a topic that’s obviously germane to an ad hoc historian like myself.

If a real archivist were to see my organizational system they’d be horrified. Getting everything in order, however, would take some of the fun out of my randomly discovering forgotten treasures, unlabeled and just waiting to be found.

When I was looking for my Social Security card today I came across a CD case filled with unorganized DVD+r and CDr, including one that was labeled MC4 in tidy block Sharpie letters. I popped it into my Macbook and was surprised to find some raw video of a few of the female genital modification procedures performed at the 2003 ModCon4 event.

There were a few cameras recording at the event that I never had access to, so it was great recovering some of the footage I had thought lost.