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Monsters of Schlock- Philadelphia


Signal boost for Philadelphia area readers-
Burnaby Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek- the Monsters of Schlock- will be performing at “Connie’s RicRac” on Sunday 21st June. They put on a hell of a show, so if you’re around- check it out!

Join us for a night of entertainment like no other!!

Monsters of Schlock are Canadian entertainers who have sold out shows internationally as ‘The World’s Most Extreme Two Man Circus Sideshow Comedy Magic Extravaganza’.
They have performed in theatres, carnivals, festivals, night clubs and colleges worldwide. In the past year their madcap stunts have been broadcast on Canadian television to over 2 million viewers, to a million in the United States, and to over 8 million viewers in Europe and the United Kingdom. Showcased in the Ripley’s: Believe It or Not compendium and with multiple Guinness World Records, the ‘Canadian Mad Bastards’ continue to entertain worldwide.
The duo is a touring juggernaut performing over two hundred live shows this year alone to crowds ranging from ages 8 to 80! Continue reading

Charles Gatewood Memorial Celebration


Friends, family, loved ones and admirers of the legendary Charles Gatewood will be meeting on Sunday July 3rd 2016 at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California to celebrate his life and legacy. The Facebook RSVP will be your main source of up to date information: with general details to follow:

“San Francisco’s Family Fetish Photographer”, Anthropologist, Author, True Believer, Beloved Friend and Brother

WHEN: Sunday, July 3rd, 2016
Gather: 4:30 PM
Memorial: 5:30 – 7:30
Afrerglow: 7:30 – 10pm

WHO IS INVITED: Everyone who would like to attend and remember and/or pay tribute to Charles Gatewood; old and new friends, fans, colleagues, admirers, lovers, as well as anyone who has been inspired by Charles’ work…..YOU!

PLEASE BRING: Memories, stories, art, performances, show and tell items, photos, altar items…There will be some open mic time for those that want to say or present something short. Be creative!

WHERE: Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission Street (Between 9th and 10th streets), San Franciso, CA.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please come as you are or dress up if you like. Charles was an artist and loved toys, props, and accessories! Feel free to don your favorite fetish outfit or best costume.

CAMERAS: We will be documenting parts of the memorial for CSC and the Charles Gatewood archive. Those who choose not to be in any photos or videos will be honored.

OVxSD: Best Intentions II



(Crossposted from Occult Vibrations)

Issue #2 of BEST INTENTIONS magazine is now available. I have an article in it, so any review would be biased; but if you like the stuff we post here on OV you’ll dig it.

120 pages full colour tattoo magazine including interviews from –

Claudia De Sabe (Seven doors, London)
Dave Fox (Studio One, Philadelphia)
Curt Baer (Iron Mountain, California)
Eterno (OTR)
Patrick Kitzel (Tribal tattoo magazine)

Articles by –

Rosie Vans tattoo travels journal
Mr Gordo Instax view of Seven Doors
Shawn Porter’s Occult Vibrations

Artwork and tattoos by –

Ant Dickinson
James Matthews
Jimmy Duvall
Matt Kerley
Nick Mayes
Sam Ricketts
Tony Weingartner

Cover by Claudia De Sabe. Includes logo sticker designed by Joseph Aloi JK5.


2015-2016 Content Survey


Happy New Year!

If you have a few minutes, please consider filling out our 2015/2016 Content Survey.
It’ll help guide the direction of the blog in the coming year:
(if you’re having formatting problems, the direct survey link is here:

All the information is confidential and will not be posted on the blog; just helps me figure out what people think we’re doing right and what folks think we could do better.

(Sailor Sid Diller and Kinsey M*****)

Subscriber Postcard Contest: Jack Yount

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.05.55 PM

Our final Sacred Debris postcard run of 2015 arrived today; featuring one of my favorite photos of Jack Yount (approximately 1988/9) smiling and enjoying a cocktail, these are a little thank you for site patrons and friends. I’ve put a few aside as a bonus for folks who’ve signed up for our email notification list; I broke the list down into groups of 20 and used my trusty 20 sided dice to roll a winner for each block. The winners have been contacted via email and have a choice of three different postcards. Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported the Sacred Debris blog this year; donations, research help, comments and sharing posts on your social networking feeds- it’s really motivational to see that the site is reaching an audience of folks who appreciate it.

I’m working on a year end poll to see what we’ve been doing right, what we can do better and how you folks want to see the blog evolve in 2016, so check back on NYE and take a few minutes sharing your thoughts on how to keep things interesting and fun.


If you’re not signed up for new post notifications:

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Sacred Debris postcards

The first two SD postcards: Viking Navaro (left) and Jim Ward (covered), Sailor Sid Diller and Viking Navaro.

Sacred Debris postcard three

Back side of postcard #3

I just sent off the artwork for the final Sacred Debris postcard of 2015. I’m going to keep the front design secret until the first batch goes into the post, but I think the folks who get them will be happy with the modification legend I chose as the cover boy.

These postcards are sent out to thank site supporters for helping out the blog, but I’m going to set a few of each design (including the newest) for a subscriber contest- all you have to do is to sign up for our email list and you’ll be entered into the drawing; existing subscribers will be automatically entered. Winners will be contacted via email.

The email list will notify you every time I update SD, so you should expect a few emails a month- standard disclaimers apply: your information will not be shared or sold and will only be used to notify you of Sacred Debris updates.

Bud Larsen Revisited

Bud Larsen artwork for PFIQ

In 2001 I traveled to Phoenix, Az to meet and record an oral history with PFIQ/Drummer artist Bud Larsen. The experience was doomed to failure and for the last 14 years I’ve considered the tape containing the history to be lost.

Late last week, while sorting and organizing tapes from that period I discovered that it wasn’t lost, just misfiled. The tape represents a very rare conversation with Bud and has been put to the head of the queue for archival and preservation. It was shot as a backup so the camera is not set up ‘interview’ style, but the content will hopefully make up for the lack of video when it’s finally ready.



The Dotfather (Xed Le Head)

5274077_1436784904.3671From the fundraising page:

Recently Xed has been forced to retire from tattooing due to a severe medical condition leaving him unable to use his arms and legs. We, the tattoo family are appealing for donations to enable Xed to fund his rehabilitation and procurement of specialist medical equipment and services that exceeds both Xed and the NHS’s budget’s.
This is the official page made with Xed’s blessing.

Xed has given so much to the tattoo world. Let’s give a little back.

Much love and light to you all.

I met Xed for the first time in Holland at the 1995 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention; I had seen him in P.A.U.K.’s PIERCING WORLD magazine and was a little nervous to go up and introduce myself, but I found him to be a very charming gent who didn’t ming jaw-wagging with a (then 20yo) bodymod nerd from across the pond.

It’s sad that his condition has forced him to retire, but very heartwarming to see the tattoo community come together to help take care of one of our own. If you have a little extra cash laying around and can throw into the pot- I’m sure Xed and his family would appreciate it.




Community Garden

photo by Atom Moore for Scarwars

The Headmaster- Scarwars3 (2007)

Thanks to some generous donations over the last month we’ve been able to purchase a new-old media player that will help in capturing hundreds of hours of 8mm body modification films shot by Jack Yount from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s, as well as donated hard drive space to preserve the content at full resolution for future archival. It’s been a rough process; buying aging “vintage” tech always comes with problems and frustrations so it’s been a waiting game of returning a defective unit, shopping for a new one, waiting for it to arrive and all of that nonsense, but I’m beyond touched by the support we’ve received- I still want SD to be a Community Garden (where one day I’m not the only gardener) where we all help keep it afloat and the support we’ve had in the last few weeks has really lifted my spirits and made me super geeked to get back to the import/archival grind.

I’m on hiatus until the tech arrives and the eventual and often frustrating learning curve of any new system is worked out, so in the meantime…

In 2008 we hosted the third and final Scarwars event in Philadelphia; our event manager rented a 35mega-pixel medium format digital camera for staff photographer Atom Moore, who was responsible for the portrait photography at the event. He captured this very serious photograph of Wings of Desire/Pain Solution’s Håvve Fjell showing off fresh cuttings by Christiane Pinpoint of Norway. Håvve is in the fundraising phase of WoD’s newest book, TOO BLEED OR NOT TO BLEED, which covers Pain Solution performances from 2003-2015.

We’ve been blessed here at SD with support, but if you’ve got a few extra dollars to spare, head over to the TBONTB Indiegogo and grab yourself an amazing book that’s my by and for our community:

APP2015: Mentor Program

10404328_982315425113049_3068570488186453223_nThe 2015 Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Exposition is coming up quickly and while it can be a lot of fun it’s also an overwhelming experience for people who are attending for the first time. The Mentor Program is available for first and second year attendees to aid in making their Conference experience go smoothly. Need help selecting your classes? Need someone to talk to when things get overwhelming? The APP Mentors are here to help.

For information on being paired with a mentor contact [email protected].